>Hi! I'm Bryce C. Lynch.

>Internet extraordinaire, boy genius, sci-fi enthusiast. Aroace, romance and sex repulsed, trans(masc), autistic, plural. He/Him pronouns!
>You'll often find me doing art, listening to music, making websites, or watching some obscure show. I like using big words.

>I like many things, such as:

>I have plans of adding a character directory here, for all my relevant characters. Check back in later!

>Lost in solipsism, he then slowly pulls a lever, which sets off a mechanism which does nothing whatsoever.-------------------------------Lowkey, baby, I'm never feeling quite alright.--------------------------------If this is paradise, I wish I had a lawnmower.--------------------------------Captivated, but I'm so confused, oh-oh? Burning up in your Mad IQ.--------------------------------Let's have a little tas-little taste of that ooold computer generated sw-sw-swagger.